2 panel doors

A door is a door is a door, right? Well, not exactly. Some doors are simply better than other doors. Some doors are just better at getting the job done than other doors. Take for instance a 2 panel door. Is a 2 panel door better than a 1 panel door? Yes, 2 panel doors can kick 1 panel doors' butts. We've seen it happen.

You may be confused as to what makes a 2 panel door better than 1 panel doors or other doors in general. Well, it is pretty simple. 2 panel doors go above and beyond the duty of regular ol' doors. 2 panel alder doors are better at preventing air drafts, drafts that can cause a house to become chilly. 2 panel doors are better at keeping heat in. 2 panel doors are better at keeping noise out. 2 panel doors are better at providing you with more privacy and security. 2 panel doors are better at keeping air conditioning in during the summer months. 2 panel doors are better at keeping people you don't want in, out and giving you a sense of safety. 2 panel doors may prove more efficient in keeping fire out. 2 panels are simply better than 1. If you think about it, the old saying "is better than" is usually true. 2 dollars are better than 1 dollar. 2 presents are better than 1 present. 2 ply toilet paper is better than 1 ply toilet paper. And 2 panel interior doors are better than 1 panel doors. Nothing against the latter, 2 panel doors are just some of the strongest around. 2 panel doors are great at enhancing all the purposes of doors. If you think about how much better wood doors are than a screen door, a screen door that can let in noise, pollution, allergens, and tiny bugs, then you can think about how much better a 2 panel door is than a 1 panel door. This is not to say that a 1 panel door will let in bugs or pollution or allergy triggering products, but a 1 panel door might not keep the outside world out and the inside world in as efficiently as you would hope. A 2 panel door will do just that.