wine cellar doors

A wine cellar door communicates a few things to your guests. For one, it shows people that you are dedicated to your collection of fine wines. Additionally, it illustrates personal taste and how seriously you take your varietals—this isn’t a hobby—you are a connoisseur! If this sounds like you, then it goes without saying that picking the right cellar door is a big decision, and one that must be done with a good deal of forethought.

Wine cellar doors come in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes, just like any other interior or exterior doors. But because your cellar door is the first thing your visitors will see when you bring them to your wine cellar, you’ll want this door to create an impression that lasts. Enhance your cellar with a beautiful entrance by picking a traditional, mahogany red door engraved with an eye-catching design. If that’s not your style, consider a classic glass and wood door, providing your company a peek at your collection before you show them into the cellar itself. Maybe you’d like to install a glass and wood door with a wrought iron grate—always a good option for adding a touch of rustic class to your home. If none of those options strike your interest, you can also opt for a custom door of your own design. ETO Doors provides the option for wine enthusiasts to craft cellar doors to suit their own style. Now you can add a touch of personal character to your wine cellar. If you’re serious about your wine, then a cellar door is a must—treat your collection with some respect and install the grand entrance it deserves.