old front doornew front door

So you’ve fitted your home with a brand new door and now you’re having trouble deciding what to do with the old one. You could just toss it in the trash, letting it decompose in a landfill somewhere for years to come, but why not get a little more creative with things? Don’t just let your old door waste away: upcycle it into something cool!

Repurposing old items can refresh your home and breathe new life into it. Take your old door and cover it in a beautiful floral wallpaper to birth a gorgeous accent piece for your house, placing it against a wall behind the couch. Turn an old door into a beautiful garden decoration by painting flowers or vines on it and setting it amongst your outdoor plants.

If your previous door has windows on it, place it behind a table and use the combination of both pieces as a shelf, stacking photo frames and other things in front of the door’s windows. You can even create a corner shelf by cutting your door in half and adding hinges, nails, and, of course, shelves.

For paneled doors, cut out the panels and place the door in your outside garden, and allow vining plants to grow up and through it—effectively transforming your old door into a trellis. If you’re trying to upcycle an old screen door, try hanging it in your kitchen and using the screen as a means to hang pots and pans. Attach the door to the ceiling with small chains and stack items on its upper side, creating a multi-purpose pot rack!

You can also use old doors to make completely new items if you have the woodworking skill. Transform an old door into a bookshelf or even a desk! Pick up a few table legs, attach them to your door, slap a paint job on it, and you’ve got yourself a great new coffee table! If you have multiple old doors that need repurposing, consider painting each a different (although complementary) color and turning them into one room divider!

So before you even think about throwing your old entryway into the garbage, contemplate getting a bit inventive! You may find a new use for that old door, whether it’s functional or simply aesthetic.