Before your holiday party begins, there are a list of items you have to make sure you have in your house. Chairs, check. Food, check. Drinks, check. A table large enough to hold everyone, check check. But, even with all of these items in your possession, it's possible you might forget some of the little things.

Keep the following items in mind - and in your house - before your party kicks off:

Non-alcoholic drinks: Believe it or not, there are some people who aren't fans of alcohol. Maybe they are too young, too old, too pregnant, or been there and done too much of that. Whatever their reasons, non-alcoholic drinks should be available for the taking…and the tasting. This not only gives people a variety of things to drink, but it also allows those not interested in drinking to be free of pressure. If you are planning on doing a toast, have non-alcoholic champagne or non-alcoholic cider on hand. This will allow everyone to be included.

Vegetarian Food: Sure, you may be a meat eater, a hunter and a gatherer, but this doesn't mean everyone at your party is as much a carnivore as you. Some people won't eat meat for moral reasons, others won't eat it for health reasons, and some people just can't stomach the idea. The reason why someone won't eat meat isn't important, but having vegetarian food available to them is.

Holiday music: By the time the holidays actually get here, you may be quite sick of holiday music. After all, some radio stations have been playing it since the Fourth of July. Still, having holiday music playing in the background adds a sense of ambience to your holiday party. It also takes care, at least somewhat, of the awkward silences that can happen among relatives who see each other only once a year.

A Wine Opener: For anyone who doesn't drink wine on a regular basis, a wine opener might not be something you keep in your house. If this is the case, you better go out and buy one before your holiday party begins. People will bring wine, people will want wine, people will drink wine. This all means you must open the wine. Wine, unlike other types of alcohol, is very tricky - and sometimes impossible - to open if you don't have the proper equipment.

A quiet room: A holiday party may seem like the last place where anything quiet is available: relatives fighting, kids screaming, Uncle Sal singing and slurring, reindeers stomping on the rooftop. Yes, there is nothing quiet about the holidays. Still, a quiet room is essential for a holiday party to be complete. The reason for this is simple: babies. Chances are, there will be an infant or two at your party. This leaves you with two choices: provide a quiet room where they can go to sleep, or listen to them cry at the top of their lungs because they're overtired.